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This page was last updated 30 January 2004.

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Price Checkers Check Your Download Speed
Hoaxes / Urban Legends News Sites
Car Info Sites School Homework Help  
Anti Virus Links   Home Improvement Links  
Last Page of Internet Track Packages
Desk Flag
(Flys U.S. Flag from your task bar)
Job Search Resources ssssss
How Much is that Worth Today?
(Then vs. Now Calculator) (Flys U.S. Flag from your task bar)
Age Gauge
Enter your date of birth for some interesting information!
Live Weather Shots
Real time pictures of DFW road conditions for the major freeways.
National Traffic and Road Closure Information (Flys U.S. Flag from your task bar)
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File Extensions
(Info on file extensions and their associated programs.)
Cheap PCs
(Info on file extensions and their associated programs.)
What is it ? (whatis.techtarget.com)
("Every File Format in the World" and other useful stuff.
What is it ? (www.wotsit.org)
(File format information for hundreds
of file types and other information.)
Browser Vulnerability Check
Lists PC's HW/SW information.
Does NOT send PC data.
Does NOT send PC data.
HW/SW Info at PC level (Belarc.com )
Lists PC's HW/SW information.
Does NOT send PC data.
Microsoft's Windows Update Site
Automatically finds PC software fixes the instant your PC begins to develop a failing condition.
BigFix Update Checker
Automatically finds PC software fixes the instant your PC begins to develop a failing condition.
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Price Checkers
     Find Sales LOCALLY:
         Shopping List Sales Circular  
     Sales on Internet:
         Price Scan   Price Grabber  
         Street Prices Nextag 
         ZDNet Shopper CNET

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Test Your Download Speed
         MSN Speed Test
CM Speed Test
         BW Speed Test
CNET Speed Test
         Toast Speed Test
DSL Reports Speed Test

Is it a Hoax or Urban Legend?
         Urban Legends - Snopes Urban Legends - Snopes 2 (Same Site)
         Hoax Busters Urban Legends - Miningco
         UrbanLegends.com Hoaxes - F-Secure
         True or Fiction Museum of Hoaxes

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News Sites
         Google News Ananova
         AltaVista CNN
         DrudgeReport Archives Fox News
         Orbusmax Reuters
         U.S. News and World Report Yahoo!
         Washington Post UPI
         World Net Daily USA Today
           This site offers color PDF files of the front
           pages of newspapers all over the world!

Car Sites
         Edmunds Vehix
         Car Fax Consumer Reports
         Kelley Blue Book Autos MSN
         Cars.com CarsDirect.com

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Sites to Help With School Homework
         Big Chalk Discovery School
         Fact Monster Ref Desk: Homework Helper

Sites to Help With Home Improvement
         Do It Yourself Old House Web
         Family Handyman How to Clean Anything

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For Techs

Help Links  

Tips and Tricks Links  

Command Line/RUN Stuff Links  

Driver Links  

Download Links  

Anti Virus Links  

Daisy: Patch Management Tool for XP and W2K PCs

Security Check for XP, W2K & NT 40


Internet Wayback Machine
This site is an archive of internet sites (past and present)

Window Security

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Smart Computing

Memory Info

Find Device info by FCC ID

Shields Up (Security Analysis)

Dell Support

MCSE Directory
This site offers a directory of more than 150 links to free MCSE
resources, including study resources, tests, discussion boards
and books online. You can drill down to NT and Windows 2000
specific information on certification.

Windows NT-compatible software; tech tip sections; bug fixes;
links to downloadable drivers, and even games.

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Smart Business Magazine’s e-commerce site.

Help Links
         Sam Spade
            (WHOIS lookup; IP and Domain Stuff.  Online Utilities
            plus Sam Spade for Windows to download)

         Virtual Dr.



         Focus on Windows

         Computer Hope's Free Computer Help

            An information resource for LAN Administrators, IT
            professionals and knowledge seekers. You will find
            information here for operating systems, networking,
            routing, tech tips, as well as useful files to download.

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Windows Tips and Tricks Links
         ASCII Info
            (How to add a special character into any file)

         The Elder Geek

         Bill's Site
            Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Tweaks & Tools

         NU 2 U
            Bart's Tips, Tricks, Downloads, Bootable CD Info and Boot disks

         Windows Tips from McDaniel Development

         Windows Tips from Dr. Bombay
            (Good Info, but sarcastic in tone)

         Windows Tips from Tweak XP

         CNET Windows NT Help Center
            Wide range of topics including Networking, Mail, and Setup.

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         One Computer Guy

         Tech TV Windows Tips

         Winmag.com’s Windows NT/2000 workshop

         Search Win 2000
            A Windows 2000 specific portal which contains tips, tricks,
            articles, forums, and a plethora of links to NT sites.

         Version Tracker
            Keeps up with all SW releases

         John Savill's FAQs for Windows NT and 2000

         Windows NT Tech Center at Beverly Hills Software
            A resource for Windows tricks and tips. Their tech center has
            a list of forums you can access and post to, on a long list of
            subjects relating to Windows NT and Windows 2000.

         NT, 2K; XP Tips & Resources

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Command Line/RUN Stuff
         Windows 2000 Command Prompt Commands

         Windows XP Command Line Utilities

         Windows XP Run Box Shortcuts

         Control IE With Command-Line Switches

         Driver Guide

         Drivers HQ

         Mr Driver

         Jargon's Driver Museum

         No Nags
           A large collection of 32-bit Windows software that has no disabled
           features, nags, time limits, or any other tricks. They download,
           virus scan, install, test and rate.

           Tested useful downloads. Freeware and Shareware.

         Windows XP/2000/NT Shareware Hall of Fame
           Shareware pick of the week for Windows NT. The site indexes each
           week’s shareware tools in their NT Shareware Hall of Fame.

         File Mirrors  
           (Type in the file name that you want or a partial file name and this site
           will attempt to locate the file for you)

         Goodie Domain Service
           Your Source of Open Source Software including XFDisk

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Anti Virus
        FREE Anti-virus Software (AVG)
        Symantec/Norton Virus Info SARC Virus Info
        F-Secure Virus Info Trend Micro Virus Info
        Computer Associates Virus Info US-CERT
        Network Associates Virus Info Network Associates FTP Site
        Network Associates Updates McAfee Anti-virus Updates
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